Elena M. Comelli in the Toronto Star
Probiotics can play key role in improving our health
(November 18, 2014)

Mary Scourboutakos in the Toronto Star
Ontario’s government plans to keep pushing for chains to post nutrition data in restaurants 
(November 3, 2014)

Mary L’Abbé & Mary Scourboutakos in Global News
If menus shared calories, sodium, would you make healthier choices? 
(October 31, 2014)

Jonathon Maguire in The Province
Kids who drink non-cow's milk twice as likely to have low vitamin D, study finds
(October 21, 2014)

David J. A. Jenkins, Richard BazinetAhmed El-Sohemy & John Sievenpiper in the Toronto Star
Doctors’ notes: What the food experts eat, and what they skip 
(October 14, 2014)

David J. A Jenkins in The Varsity
In conversation with David Jenkins
(September 21, 2014)

Deborah L. O'Connor in HuffPost Canada
Back to school: How to create a healthy lunch
(September 11, 2014)

Richard Bazinet in the Globe and Mail
Dairy lovers find greener pastures with Rolling Meadow
(September 2, 2014)

David J. A. Jenkins in Reuters
Low-carb diets may beat low-fat options for weight loss, heart health
(September 1, 2014)

Mike Evans in Reader's Digest
30 minutes a day to a healthier you

David J. A. Jenkins in the Globe and Mail
Foods with canola oil found to help people with Type 2 diabetes 
(July 1, 2014)

Catherine Birken in the North York Mirror
Managing childhood obesity at SickKids
(May 21, 2014)

Jill Hamilton in the Toronto Star
New SickKids initiative battling childhood obesity on numerous fronts
(April 30, 2014)

Deborah L. O'Connor in Global News
Preterm babies to benefit from a $2 million federal research grant
(March 18, 2014)

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