Post-Exercise Protein Helps Young Athletes Too, U of T Study Shows

A new U of T study has found that children taking part in physical activity should ingest at least five grams of protein after exercise to promote healthy growth.
Apr 25 / 2017

Building on a Vision to Improve Child Nutrition

With a commitment of $10 million to the U of T Faculty of Medicine’s Centre for Child Nutrition, the Lawsons are accelerating its impact and giving it a new name: The Joannah and Brian Lawson Centre for Child Nutrition 
Apr 12 / 2017

Joannah and Brian Lawson on their Vision for Child Nutrition

Joannah and Brian Lawson are determined to improve childhood nutrition, and to curb an alarming increase in chronic disease. The philanthropists behind the Joannah and Brian Lawson Centre for Child Nutrition spoke with Faculty of Medicine writer Carolyn Morris about what drives them to invest in this cause.
Apr 11 / 2017

Nudging our Kids and Families Towards Better Eating

Is my kid eating enough? Is my kid eating too much? How can we make it easier for the whole family to eat better? Dr. Mike Evans explains the science behind how can we make it easier for the whole family to eat better, in his latest whiteboard video.
Apr 7 / 2017


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’s Brittany Poynter explains how de-escalation works in a setting
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"If you become a more culturally competent practitioner, you're going to have a better relationship with your patie…

“To stem Canada’s epidemic of chronic disease, we must shift our focus from treatment to prevention.”

Dr. Mary L’Abbé,
Department of Nutritional Sciences’
Earle W. McHenry Professor and Chair

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