Policy and Advocacy

The Joannah & Brian Lawson Centre for Child Nutrition (Lawson Centre) supports policy reform that encourages innovation in food nutrition, ensuring availability of healthy food options for all Canadians. Based on new evidence generated by our researchers, we make recommendations to policymakers who, in turn, introduce better informed policies shaping adequate services and practices.


Through public engagement and knowledge sharing, the Centre works to improve the food environment for Canadian children and families. We support the Ontario government in its ambitious goal of reducing the prevalence of excess weight and obesity in Ontarian children from 30 to 10 per cent within 10 years.


Disease Prevention

The Lawson Centre addresses the scientific basis of current food, nutrition, health, and regulatory activities, which assist in the prevention of chronic disease. We understand that to make effective change, nutrition needs to become a higher priority on the political and social agenda. We support nutrition and health advocacy that promotes positive change, leading to a healthier populations worldwide.

Our researchers, including Mary L'Abbé, Harvey Anderson, Zulfiqar Bhutta, and others, lead cutting-edge research for national and international policy on child nutrition, health, and development. Learn more about our researchers.

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