U of T Researchers Share $9 Million in New Funding

Babies born very prematurely face a serious nutritional challenge since their mothers are often unable to produce sufficient breast milk, a problem the University of Toronto's Deborah O’Connor is looking to tackle by testing cutting-edge technologies for processing pasteurized donor milk. 
Sep 5 / 2019

Heart-Healthy Effects of Soy Consistent Over Time, U of T Meta-Study Finds

Researchers at the University of Toronto have found a consistent cholesterol-lowering effect for soy protein, with pooled data from dozens of clinical trials that span the last two decades. The study calls into question the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s current proposal to revoke the health claim for soy protein and heart disease.
Jun 27 / 2019

Director's Message: A Canadian Lens on Women and Child Health

This month has brought more news of national attention to the needs of vulnerable children and their mothers globally. Polls often show that Canadians value our international aid commitments and the well-being of women and children throughout the world — and that many Canadians desire to do more, building on our country’s history as a global champion for the health of women and kids of all ages.
Jun 24 / 2019

Food Fun, the Lawson Centre and Science Rendezvous 2019

They came by the hundreds — children of all ages, parents and grandparents, lone adults and students — curious about nutrition and looking for a snack. They asked and answered questions, and left with a recipe for a whole-food diet that was more suggestive than prescriptive: have fun, make it tasty and be healthy.  
May 30 / 2019


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“I’ve always felt that advocacy work is not something you choose. As healthcare providers we have the privilege of…

“To stem Canada’s epidemic of chronic disease, we must shift our focus from treatment to prevention.”

Dr. Mary L’Abbé,
Department of Nutritional Sciences’
Earle W. McHenry Professor and Chair

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