Medical students learn about nutrition at Loblaws



Poor diet plays a role in one in five deaths globally. That finding comes from the 2017 Global Burden of Disease Study, the largest effort ever to measure life expectancy, and causes and risk factors for death and disease. Nutrition education is essential for solving this global health crisis.

At the same time, opportunities to limit disease and improve health through nutrition are better than ever, and a growing number of practitioners are turning to food as a front-line medicine.

That is why professors and staff in the Lawson Centre are re-designing education for medical students and health professionals, training more researchers and developing new tools and resources for patients and families.

Nutrition in Medical Education

Bringing nutrition education into the medical school curriculum to improve patient care.

Patient Engagement

Whiteboard videos for the public on healthy eating, active living and more, by Dr. Mike Evans

Expert Micro-Lectures

Short talks on key topics such as personalized nutrition and the glycemic index, for health professionals and patients.

Nutrition Education Research Grants

Creating and testing digital tools to keep young patients informed.

Lawson Seminar Series

Lectures for researchers on prebiotics and probiotics, by microbiome scientists.

Other Education Resources

Guides for eating well, prenatal nutrition, portion size and more.
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